Wow it is 7 am and I have not slept yet and this is not okay nope.

I wibbled on a few gems, but settled on peridot —my birthstone. Peridot is apparently known for its healing power. It also brings good luck and was used back in the day to treat depression. 

Peridot’s gem is on the crown of her head, aligning with the crown chakra. Depression is also one of the symptoms of the crown chakra being off. The placement of Peridot’s gem is also a nod to leos, the royalty of the zodiac.

Although Peridot wields an axe, it probably doesn’t do actual damage and is like… a reverse weapon of sorts where it heals things and makes people happier pff… 


Little Witch Academia!

Here’s my Little Witch Academia print from this years Anime Expo. Thanks to those that came by and picked up a copy, and those that came by in general! It was nice seeing some of you face to face for the first time.

I had to draw Akko taking on that gnarly dragon.

Oh also, get hype! The kickstarter for Little Witch has reached its goal in a single day! but keep donating anyway (i’m doing so to pick up that artbook incentive)

MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker ft. John Legend

The reason I like singing j-pop so much (especially at late hours in the night) is because it’s like a tongue twister and it’s fun trying to both keep up with the lyrics and pronounce everything correctly.

I asked my parents to send me baby/childhood pics for my show, but I never ended up using them. So now I’m just posting them here for the hell of it.

"Now, shall you deal with me - and all the powers of hell!” 

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