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I feel pretty bad about not keeping up with toerning’s Easy/Hard Challenge, AND for not updating in sooooo long, so I basically started over today!  The first one is a mixture of poses since I already did the first challenge before, second one is “Interior,” and the third image is “Color.”  If anyone wants to join me feel free to, it’s definitely never too late haha.  I used microns for the poses and really old pastels+Photoshop for the last two.

So I’m not sure if anyone following me attends a CSU school, but my school (Cal State Fullerton!) does this event with DreamWorks called a DreamCrit where we can submit a Visual Development portfolio and two people get the opportunity to have their portfolio critiqued (in this case by Visual Development artist Carlos León) and eight other students get to listen in and take notes.  I was super excited to get to be chosen to listen in this last week!!  If there’s anything I personally got out of it that REALLY stuck with me, it was the importance of having a strong story behind your work and having a character or subject that will become meaningful and personal to the audience.  There were other technical and compositional aspects he went over with other students’ work that was also helpful.

So to anyone attending a Cal State University, you should definitely submit portfolios for it!!! I’m for sure going to keep on submitting since you get the opportunity to have an industry professional individually critique your work!


i keep trying to draw smth else but my hand just moves on its own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 shitting hell they ruin me


the hair kinda killed me tbh.



Proud to present my senior thesis project: Memory Lane! I designed 8 patterns that centered on the theme “nostalgia,” which I hand-printed onto ethically sourced clothing! Check the lookbook here, or shop the collection!


My Yowapeda OT3 in Taisho era outfits. Will be selling these as bag tags soon. :)

I always feel a little backwards because I can’t just… type out a concept on the computer. I have to write the bare bones thoughts down in my brainstorming/character notebook before I type about it.


Why is it that I end up finishing every speedpaint, and why did I have to choose such a detailed character just for practice haha. I just love Aigis.

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